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Main emphases of the lab

We are interested in understanding the neural basis of behavior: in particular, how humans and other animals recognize patterns and form specific memories. We have focused our attention on the detection and recognition of pheromones--compounds which modulate reproductive and aggressive behaviors--by the neurons of the accessory olfactory system.

In pursuit of this goal, we are
  •  Developing and exploiting techniques that allow us to record from large numbers of neurons simultaneously. We use multielectrode recording to record from many tens of neurons simultaneously. More recently, we have developed a new imaging technique, Objective Coupled Planar Illumination (OCPI) microscopy, that allows rapid imaging of hundreds or thousands of neurons in a three-dimensional volume. We believe we hold the world record for "most single neurons ever recorded." Click on the image below to see a movie illustrating what you can do with this technique (NOTE: if you experience difficulty, try the free download  VLC):
    A movie showing neuronal imaging by OCPI microscopy
  • Using a combination of physiological assays and chemical analysis to elucidate the nature of the chemical cues used for social communication.
  • Studying the circuitry that processes sensory information about chemical social cues.
  • Studying mouse behaviors. We discovered that mice sing ultrasonic songs, and we have provided a detailed quantitative description of the properties of these vocalizations.
More details about some of these areas of research can be found in our Publications & Research sections.

Washington University in St. Louis is ranked as one of the U.S.'s top neuroscience graduate programs.  For more information about our Ph.D. program, see these pages.

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